From Julie Ethan

I developed Julie Ethan Consulting to serveĀ candidates, campaigns and organizations looking to frame their message with broad appeal. My services include content writing for websites, social media impact planning , print ads and graphic design. I provide strategic guidance to organizations and candidates by mapping a clear mission to achieve goals and objectives. I teach workshops and classes in political message framing and I love coaching groups who want to make a difference.

Mistakes are costly. We’re all dealing with a divisive climate in public discourse and that’s why it’s critical to frame our message to the public in a way that finds common values and wide appeal. Like our other clients, you’ll find the creative recommendations, both visual and writtenā€”return benefits that far outweigh the investment. I take clients through a facilitated process that looks something like this:

Ask the right questions
Construct a unique brand identity
Frame the message or repair the current message
Write the marketing content/website, social media marketing, blogs, and print ads
Map a plan of action

My overall vision is to bring people and ideas together for genuine progress. I invite you to call and ask questions. I partner with other experts in graphic design, website design and public relations in order to offer my clients a complete package.

Sincerely Yours,

Julie Ethan

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