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We’re all dealing with a divisive climate in public discourse and that’s why it’s critical to frame our message to the public in a way that finds common values and wide appeal.

Julie Ethan serves candidates, campaigns and social impact causes looking to improve their message, including content writing for websites, literature and social media promotion. She also helps groups repair and restore themselves to optimal functioning with a clear and strategic mission, and a map to achieve their goals and objectives.  Julie works with groups that want to effect change, but need guidance to plan, stay on track and frame their message. 

  • Campaign messaging
  • Message re-framing or message repair including website and social media analysis
  • Message Framing Workshops and Study Groups
  • Review and recommendations for organizational literature, marketing materials, campaign literature, donation letters, etc.
  • 30-second pitch coaching
  • Conflict analysis to discover obstacles in organizational performance
  • Advice from field specific experts
  • Assistance with strategic objectives, grant writing and proposals
  • Action plans

Pricing is hourly or retainer based. Typically, a customized package of services will be offered for a retainer fee, and optional services will be priced in the initial contract.

Send your questions or request a free initial consultation via an introduction email to:

Julie Ethan has helped groups succeed for over 20 years. Her academic degrees are in Organizational Leadership BA, and Peace Studies MA (Economic Development, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights) from the University of San Diego. She’s held leadership board positions and operated a construction contracting business for many years. She is published in trade magazines and most recently in The Peace Studies Journal. Julie is passionate about helping public policy influencers succeed.