Business Growth + Hiring Guru

Looking to add an assistant?

Connect with me before you hire. Here’s why:

You need to automate, systematize and organize before you hire. I’ll work as your interim assistant and coach to help you get ready. If necessary, we’ll make sure your revenue projections are adequate to support a new hire.

You’ll receive new hire on-boarding processes—plus full access to documents and forms in hiring and business growth strategy.

Instead of the typical ‘coaching’ relationship, where the coach dumps loads of homework on you along with everything else you have to do—I do the homework for you and with you.

I’m your ‘Strategic Assistant.’ You run your business, while I work on the growth and hiring steps. Together, we’ll begin by creating a plan customized to your unique business—no canned curriculum. We work on your direct needs.

Next, we’ll decide which systems are missing and get to work.

You receive the ‘trackable’ plan in digital format and online access to the documents and forms needed to hire and grow your business. Whether your goal is doubling revenue and/or hiring the right assistant or team, I’ll be there helping you make it happen. You decide how fast you want to go.

Congratulations, Boss—You’re a job generator.


The three pillars used to mindfully scale your business:

Systematizing processes

Hiring right

Increasing sales


Empowering women entrepreneurs throwback photo. (Julie Ethan) First Female President: PDCA National Residential Forum

Strategic Success Plan: Based on your business size —costs up to 1200.00

Work session packages are individualized to meet your goals and budget.

I have a package that will get you on the path to growth. For a free initial phone consultation, send an email to: