Political Conflict Consulting

Experiencing anguish in a relationship? Locking horns with someone over differing political views? Or, just feeling a lot of political angst?

Explore the offerings below. Choose a session that fits your situation. Whether you’re looking for tools to help you communicate better with your political opposite, or just some advice on achieving political peace of mind I have a variety of times and options below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send me an email. 

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Free Political Conflict Consultation

Political Conflict Advising

50-Minute Session

This session is to address conflict in a relationship where one party has differing political views than another party. This includes couples, co-workers, workplace scenarios, friends, roommates, relatives or neighbors.

Political Angst Advising Session

50-Minute Session

Are you feeling overwhelmed, angry or frustrated by the current political climate? Would it help to talk to someone with a deep understanding of how people come to their political persuasions and passions?

As a trained conflict consultant and adherent to the cognitive science behind mental framing, my approach is to listen to your concerns about the political climate. I will guide you in applying new ways to frame and understand these current concerns.

My consulting utilizes standard active listening skills and is not a replacement for, nor should it be confused with psychological therapy or relationship counseling.

For more helpful tools in understanding your political opposites, check out my new book, How Can Half the Country Be So Stupid?


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