Read the press for Julie Ethan and her book, How Can Half the Country Be So Stupid?

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Excerpts from Access to Democracy with Alan Miller, Minnesota. 12-18-2020

Julie Ethan – “Becoming generous with your political opposite”

Everyday Peacemaking Podcast

We know the political divide in our nation is growing, but what can we do about it? The problem feels too big. The stakes feel too high. This week on the podcast, everyday peacemaker Julie Ethan shares her story of finding common ground with her political opposition and how the friendships transformed her. 

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Press for Julie Ethan and her book, How Can Half the Country Be So Stupid?

Kroc School Alum Julie Ethan ’13 (MA) on How to Build Bridges in Politically Opposite Relationships

What inspired you to pursue a Master’s in Peace and Justice from the Kroc School?

I love a good story; a classic hero’s journey where the call to adventure is resisted. Then, with the help of a mentor, the hero enters a special world where she faces conflict, and a dark night of the soul, only to return to the ordinary world with the elixir of her conquests.

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Press for Julie Ethan and her book, How Can Half the Country Be So Stupid?

Self-help Manual for a Nation

True to its title, Julie Ethan’s book, How Can Half the Country Be So Stupid? A Memoir and Guide to Friendship Between Political Opposites reads like a conversation between friends. Her guiding principle is “Relationships over politics,” so if you’re worried that the book is an attempt to change your political team, rest easy. As Julie points out, “Researchers have proven that facts don’t change our minds, that we won’t let go of our beliefs even when presented with contrary evidence.”

What you will hear in this 33-page, 10-chapter offering is Julie’s compassionate, humane voice. I’ve no doubt that if you went for coffee together, she’d ask about you, listen intently and make you feel at home knowing that conversational skill is, above all, a gesture of hospitality. The foundation of  conversation requires listening and this is how we find common ground.

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